Archive a fulfilled order

When you fulfill an order, you can archive it to remove it from the list of open orders. Archiving lets you keep track of open orders that have not yet been completed, and to make sure that you have an accurate count of open orders in Donmano . Archiving an order is not the same as canceling an order. When you archive an order, you don’t delete it. You remove it from the open orders list.

To see a complete list of your archived orders, you can apply a filter to your orders list.

You can enable Automatically archive the order in the Order Processing section of the Checkout settings in your Shopify admin if you want all orders to be automatically archived.

Steps :
  1. From your customer dashboard, go to Orders.
  2. From the Orderspage, click the number of the order that you want to archive.
  3. Click More actions, and then click Archive orders.

Your order is now displayed as archived.

You can also perform a bulk action to archive or unarchive multiple orders.

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